Public Utilities Specialist At US Bonneville Power Administration

Job Description

You’ll do the following as a public utility specialist (administration):

  • Help the senior specialists and system administrators with the creation, maintenance, and management of automated BPA-wide contracting information systems.
  • Create the action plans, project plans, or specifications required to implement the information system’s needs.
  • Provide users with guidance, help, training, and technical support regarding the various systems.
  • Scan files, upload files/data to the CCM system, and input the proper contract data to complete the contract authentication procedure for other team members.
  • Make the required authentication-related documentation.
  • Quickly fix any problems identified during the quality assurance process.
  • help the systems data steward with particular data categories that, on their own or in combination with other data categories, product information important to BPA’s contract and account operations.
  • Make sure the data satisfies information and system requirements across the BPA by working with the system administrators.


A U.S. national or citizen is required.

The e-Verify program is used by this employer.

Males must register for Selective Service if they were born after December 31, 1959.

a background investigation has determined that they are qualified for Federal employment.

Possibly necessary to successfully complete a trial term.

Remote working is not permitted for this role. You must physically report to the official reporting workplace on the days designated by the supervisor, but at least twice per pay period.
All Contract Management and Administration workers shall comply with the independent functioning requirements of the Standards of Conduct by performing only shared support duties and shall not perform transmission or power merchant functions. While the power merchant employees will automatically be denied access to non-public transmission and customer information through an automated process that includes firewalls and password protection, the shared Contract Management and Administration employees will have access to non-public transmission and customer information stored in contract management system tools. Employees of Contract Management and Administration will act as a conduit for non-customer and non-public communication of information.