Project Manager At U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Job Description

  • For the needs of the Army Reserve facilities, requirements are analyzed, a master plan for the assessment is developed, the required personnel are coordinated, and overall programme management is provided.
  • Analyzes data on military building costs and supporting materials, taking into account inflation rates, locational costs, and facility cost size adjustments.
  • oversees project contingencies and makes sure that there are enough money to finish the project.
  • seeks to reach a mutually beneficial agreement through negotiation.
  • collects and disseminates project information to guarantee that all parties involved are kept up to date. Prepare and make available technical data and/or information to numerous users with various demands.
  • assembles and distributes technical data and/or information to a broad range of users with a variety of requirements.
  • accountable for outlining project objectives and goals to regulators and project partners.


  • An assessment of appropriateness or fitness based on the results of a background check may be required prior to the appointment.
  • Secret Security Clearance is required for the position.
  • For this role, it would be ideal if you have the Project Manager, USACE Career Development Plan (CDP), or Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications.
  • A Financial Disclosure Statement, OGE-450, is needed from the incumbent (5CFR Part 2634, Subpart I USOGE, 6/08).

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