Motor Vehicle Operator At US Commander, Navy Installations

Job Description

Operates vehicles powered by gasoline or diesel with gross vehicle weights of 22,000 pounds or more. Cargo, vans, stake trucks, and 29-passenger buses are examples of these vehicles. These vehicles have driving controls such as a gear shift lever, a brake pedal, an accelerator, manual or automatic transmissions, and air brakes.

Operates vehicles on roads and streets in all types of traffic, depending on the type of vehicle and the purpose for which it is used. Maintains awareness of all legal requirements for the vehicle being driven and adheres to all legal driving requirements at all times.

Ensures that proper preventative maintenance, such as oil changes, tire pressure, lights, fuel, and so on, are carried out in accordance with vehicle requirements, through the site Automotive Hobby Shop or assigned mechanic. Ensures that all maintenance issues, broken accessories, or equipment (headlights, taillights, tires, brakes, etc.) are reported and repaired as soon as possible.

For passenger cars: Drives a vehicle along predetermined routes, arriving and departing on time. Operates doors to allow passengers to enter and exit the bus and assists passengers in other ways as needed.

Ensures that good order and discipline are maintained at all times and that passengers follow all safety requirements such as seat belts, weight distribution, proper stowing gear, and that passengers do not move about the vehicle, extend body parts outside open windows, or litter while the vehicle is in motion. Ensures that the passenger bus/van is checked for gasoline, oil, and proper tire pressure before departure. After each trip, the passenger bus must be thoroughly cleaned both inside and out.

For commercial vehicles: Loads and unloads the vehicle by hand or with equipment, occasionally requiring assistance from other workers. ensures that the vehicle is not overloaded, that the cargo is protected from the elements, and that it is securely fastened to prevent it from falling off the vehicle At loading and unloading, ensures cargo is present and accounted for. At all times, ensures the cargo’s security.

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